To Teach the Wonderful Game of Lacrosse

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Chatham Youth Lacrosse Clinics
Session Ideas
1st Session
Own your opponent, own the field
Objective: Athletes will learn how to get open all over the field through 4 different stations.
1: Cutting through the 8
-          Back door cuts
-          Flash cuts (cutting back to ball)
-          Changing speeds
-          Keeping stick up within 8
-          Always looking like a threat-
2: Cutting in the midfield
            -Cut away cut
3: Denying your offender in the 8, as a defender
-          Staying goal side, stick to stick
-          Seeing ball and girl
4: Denying your offender in the midfield
2nd Session
There is no I in team
Objective: Athletes will learn the basics of team defense, team offense, and how to help their team
  1. Team attacking movement
  2. Setting picks and screens
  3. Team defense
  4. Coming up with the ball off the draw (boxing out)

Session 3
Become a Threat
Objective: Athletes will learn and practices dodges and moves that allow them to be a threat all over the field.
  1. Dodging within 8 meter
  2. Shooting (introduce bounce shot, quick sticks, power/precision)
  3. The Crease Roll
  4. Sealing off and protecting your stick on transition (adding fakes into your overall game)