To Teach the Wonderful Game of Lacrosse

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Program Overview
Contact - Catherine Buell ( is the new point contact for the entire K-2 program with Brian LaMastro assisting.   CCatherine Buell atherine Buell 
Program Goal - Learn the basics of lacrosse.  It is all about having fun, building confidence and developing basic lacrosse skills in a safe environment.
Grades K-1 - The K and 1st grade Program is based on the US Lacrosse "Soft Lacrosse' program.  If you would like to read more on the format, please go to
2nd Grade - 2nd grade is going to use the normal 'hard' lacrosse ball this year.  As such we will require the girls to have goggles and mouth guards for all sessions.  2nd grade sessions will be held on side Haas grass. 
Coaching - All volunteer based.  All coaches have received Rutgers University Safety Training and gone through police background checks.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer to coach - no playing experience necessary.
Dates -  March 27th @4pm
Where - K-1 Haas Turf (behind Chatham Middle School).  Please park in the top lot.
2nd grade Side Haas Grass (by tennis courts).  
Times - (TBD)  
1st Session -  Please have your daughters there 20 minutes prior so we can sign them in and give them their t-shirts for the season, which they will wear to each session.  Each grade has a distinct colored shirt so we know where the kids are supposed to be on the field.
Parking - Please park in the upper parking lots and walk down.  Do not drive down the side entrance as that is for emergency vehicles and needs to be kept clear at all times.
Sticks - We can answer any questions you may have at the night of the parents meeting, via email or please go to Chatham Sports and see Terry.  Terry has the sticks that are geared towards this age group in stock and at great prices.  Please go by late March in case Terry needs to order more.
Communication - Through e-mail and on this internet site. Any changes or cancelations due to weather will be posted on the site and sent to you via email.
Bathroom - There is a Port-O-John at the field, however, coaches are not allowed to take your children to the bathroom, so please stay during the practice.
Practice - There will be four sections on the field for each grade, with several coaches at each section.  Each section will have a unique drill.  After 12 minutes, the whistle will blow and the children will rotate clockwise to the next section.  Finish with relays.
Water Breaks - One per practice.  When we do a water break, the children will drop their sticks so they know where to return to. 
Parents - We ask you stay for the entire practice.
Medical Conditions - If your daughter has a medical condition or any other concern, that requires any close watching and/or special consideration, please let us know.  I will be at every practice.  All injuries will be reported and processed according to the rules of Chatham Recreation.  
If you have any questions whatsoever please ask.