To Teach the Wonderful Game of Lacrosse

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Welcome to the 2020 8th Grade Lacrosse Season


Kevin Lowe

Paul Lagunowich

Steve Manitta


A-B Format:

8th Grade is A-B format for the entire season. The team will be selected by a group of independent coaches, including Chatham Head Coach Calandra and his staff.  As in years past, some players will play in a mix of A and B games. More information will be distributed on the A-B format as well as number of teams once the spring registration is completed and we know our expected number of players.


Season (Practice & Games):

The season will start early March with some indoor drills and stickwork, dates and times TBD.  Outdoor practices will start on either Sunday March 8th or Monday March 9th.


Weekday practices will generally be Tuesday and Thursday but may be adjusted based on field and coach availability. Times and field locations will be varied until we get use of the grass fields and we get more light in the evening hours. Emails will be sent communicating time and location.

Practices will be very regimented.

Games: Playing time is at the coach's discretion and will be impacted by attendance. Please note, there are certain situations in a game where we are unable to substitute as we would like due to situations out of our control. We always try to minimize these situations but if they occur, we will make up for it in the following game.


Tournaments / Select Events:

We will be participating in the NJ/CT Challenge, Laker Lightning, NJJLL events and the G8 Youth State Championship this season. Some of these will be for both A & B teams and some will be for just one team. As we get more details we will send out an email.


Equipment:  The following equipment is required and an equipment check will be performed prior to all practices and games.  Any player who does not have the equipment listed below will be unable to practice/play in that days event.

·         A certified white helmet

·         Shoulder pads

·         Arm pads

·         Gloves

·         Mouthpiece (Not white or clear. This is a league rule)

·         Protective cup


·         Please be aware that we ask each parent to go on line through the CLC website and give your child a baseline test for concussion detection.  If during a game or practice, your child shows even a remote sign of a concussion, the coach will remove them from the game/practice immediately, no excuses.


 Medical Conditions:

·         While every parent submitted details during the registration process, please take Don Davenport aside if your child has specific needs that they should be observant of.  All information will be held strictly confidential.


Bottled Water:

·         We prefer that your child uses a reusable water bottle so that we can keep the fields clean.


 Bullying/Poor Sportsmanship:

·         Bullying will not be tolerated. This goes for both on and off the field.

·         Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.


 Grievance Policy:

·         This is detailed on the CLC website.