To Teach the Wonderful Game of Lacrosse

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Welcome to the 2022 6th Grade Lacrosse Season


Program Overview:

Goals:  The main goals of the program this spring is to improve individual skills sets and have the boys become more familiar with different player positions and game situations.  Practices will be focused on stick skill development and improving technique on both the offensive and defensive sides of the field.  We will play games against other towns and in tournaments that will begin in late March or early April. The first practice is tentatively scheduled to take place the week of March 8th (weather permitting).


Practice Times:  We are tentatively slated to practice on Tuesdays,Thursdays and weekends (this is still TBD).  While practice times have not yet been finalized, we imagine that practices will last 90 minutes and will most likely not start any earlier than 5:30PM.  We do not practice on Mother’s Day or on Memorial Day weekend. Please be have your sons at practice at least 10 minutes early so they can get their equipment on and we can start on time.  Please monitor your emails for updates to practice/game times, locations and potential cancelations to account for weather, etc.


Teams :  This is the first year that this group officially moves to an A/B format, consistent with other teams in our league/area.  This will help us to bracket players for each team. The number of players in this grade will ensure plenty of playing time for all pariticipants and many players may be expected at times to play with either/both teams throughout the season.  This will be communicated at the beginning of each week.  The goal is to give the teams enough players, and to give all players the proper exposure and level of play.  


Tournaments / Select Events:

We will be participating in the NJ/CT Challenge, Laker Lightning, Jersey Jam, NJJLL events and the G8 Youth State Championship this season. Some of these will be for both A & B teams and some will be for just one team. As we get more details we will send out an email.


Positive Practice Time = Positive Playing Time:

Every practice will focus not only developing individual skills, but also establishing and promoting team concepts that must be learned by all players in order for the team to be successful.  Repeated absence from practice (or acting as a distraction during practice) not only affects the player’s ability to develop as an individual, but also impedes the team’s ability to progress and develop together as a unit.

Attendance and positive participation at practices will directly impact playing time and coaches’ selections for game participation.  Be Present.  Be on-time.  Be prepared and ready to go.


Communication and Changes:  Team communication to the parents as well as any changes to times or locations will be handled via email to the group based on the contact information you provided when you signed up.  There will be changes to times and locations.  For any questions or issues you would like to discuss with the coaches, please contact Kevin Lowe (who would prefer to have a respectful conversation with your son rather than with you).  


Team Priorities:

  • Safety
  • Fun
  • Sportsmanship (“Honor the Game”)
  • ROOTS: Respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self
  • Team development and competition
  • Individual development and competition


Code of Conduct:

By signing up to participate in the 6th Grade Cougar Lacrosse program, players (and their parents) are acknowledging and agreeing to abide by the CLC Code of Conduct.  Please review this document and understand your responsibilities.  The CLC Code of Conduct can be found on the website under CLC Board / Policies.


Player Expectations:

  • Read and abide by the Code of Conduct (“ROOTS”)
  • Have fun and be a source of support for their teammates
  • Arrive on time to all practices and scrimmages and deliver their best effort

As in all team sports, every member of the team plays a part and has a role.  We will need, expect and demand that all 10 players on the field work together as a unit and contribute to the overall success of the team.  Each and every player has a big responsibility and will be expected to:

  • Consistently show up for practices and games 10-15 minutes early, ready to go with all the proper equipment and safety gear.  Please let the coaches know if you have any questions.
  • Come prepared to be mentally and physically engaged during the duration of the practice/game.

Spend time outside of practice honing their skills.  It is important that all the boys become at least comfortable with, and preferably confident in, the basic skills of the game such as passing and catching (with both hands), as well as carrying/cradling/possessing the ball (with both hands).  CLC has built and installed a fantastic wall at Lum field where the boys should do wall ball.  CLC has also put a brief but great instructional video on the website demonstrating how the boys should be practicing on their own.  Cradling can easily be practice at home in the basement or in the backyard.



Each player is required to have and wear the following at practice or game:

  • Helmet (NOCSAE approved) ,
  • Mouth guard
  • Shoulder pads
  • Arm pads
  • Gloves
  • Youth supporter w/ cup
  • ‘Proper’ stick
  • Cleats/sneakers
  • Full water bottle


Parent Expectations:

  • Read and support the Code of Conduct and review the Player Expectations with your son(s)
  • Where necessary, help your son(s) understand and meet the Player Expectations that have been outlined above
  • Open communication with the coaches especially with respect to any medical issues
  • Be a positive influence at scrimmages and games
  • Maintain proper equipment for your son and monitor its status
  • Help out whenever you can


Medical Conditions:  If your son has a medical condition that requires any close monitoring, please let us know. All injuries will be reported and processed according to the rules of Chatham Recreation. If your son has special needs please let us know prior to the beginning of the program and we will make sure he is properly taken care of and will enjoy his lacrosse experience.


Baseline Concussion Testing:  You should perform the baseline concussion test for your son on the CLC website, it takes less than a half hour and could provide critical information when it is needed most.


Grievances:  If you have any grievance relating to the program, the program has a mandatory 24 hour cooling off period prior to speaking to a coach, any other member of the program or a league official about the grievance. The CLC Grievance Policy can be found on the website under CLC Board / Policies.

Lacrosse on TV:  The link below provides a schedule of Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse on TV.  Feel free to refer to this link over the course of the season if your son is interested in watching any games on TV.