To Teach the Wonderful Game of Lacrosse

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Please click here to view the rollout letter regarding baseline concussion testing for all those Chatham Recreation players in lacrosse who would like to participate. The program is funded through the Chatham Athletic Foundation and Atlantic Neuroscience Institute at Overlook and is free to anyone in the program. The letter has all the specifics and links to the site  When registering, there is a drop-down list that has Chatham boys/girls lacrosse. The test takes about 30 minutes and can be done online at home on a computer. The test involves recognizing patterns and reaction time and in some ways is a video game. The results are stored in the server so if a child is injured, the baseline test can be used to asses the degree of injury.

The ImPact code you need to sign in is:  9576859099

If you know of any player who does not have access to a computer and wants to be tested, please refer to me and I will arrange for the child to get tested. Please let me know of any problems. Warmest Regards, Jack Knightly, MD.

For baseline results, please contact the the System Administrator for Chatham Boys Lacrosse, Cynthia Cross, at the Atlantic Neuroscience Concussion Center.  Her e-mail is  .